Youth Band

The Youth Band comprises of older or more experienced players, normally up to the age of 21. Many players will have commenced their playing in the Rising Stars band and have graduated into the Youth Band. If an older player wishes to join, they may be given a playing audition to ascertain their ability and to decide an appropriate position within the Band.

Many of the older members also play in Brunel Brass, the adult band within the organisation, as well as still supporting the Youth Band.

The whole organisation is committed to developing young musicians. To further their development, an invitation to attend rehearsals with Brunel Brass may be given if a player is deemed to be of sufficient ability to cope with the technical demands of the music played, and also understands the level of commitment required to Brunel Brass.

The Youth Band undertakes several concerts and engagements each year, a busy Christmas carolling programme and has recently commenced contesting in the 4th Section.